We implement IT systems that are useful for the community.
We educate the unemployed for different IT occupations.
We hire them and help them with recruitment.
We believe in social entrepreneurship.


Fores is an IT company that acts as a social enterprise with the aim to employ those who have difficulties in finding a job in IT industry with a focus on implementing socially useful software. We are focused on young people who have a background in different fields and have a difficulty to find employment and who want to re-skill themselves for jobs that they can perform according to their abilities and affinities. We believe that there is an adequate place for everyone in the IT industry.


We organize training for young unemployed or inadequately employed persons in the IT filed.

The training is done through a combination of classes where they focus on theory and have internships in IT companies. Upon successful completion of the training, depending on the needs, we employ them at Fores or help them in self-employment or employment with our partners or users.


Local community
We provide support to cities, counties, and municipalities in organizing and conducting education for IT professions. We cooperate with technology parks, incubators and entrepreneurial centres. We started in Šibenik, and soon we will continue our work in Bjelovar. We are partners of Trokut (www.trokut.eu). 

IT community
We work with IT companies and corporations with large IT departments. If you support what we do and want to get involved in the education and/or mentoring of our students, would like to be part of joint participation in projects dedicated to the employment and education of young people, get in touch.


Our partner Civocracy ( www.civocracy.com ) is a social enterprise based in Amsterdam with offices in Germany, Spain, and France that develops a platform for digital communication with citizens and their active participation in the decision-making process. They believe that the world can be a better place if everyone gets involved in making decisions about the future of their community.


We implement IT systems developed by social enterprises or IT systems that benefit the community such as the Civocracy system (www.civocracy.com). If you identify yourself and are looking for implementation partners, please contact us.